Animation, 3D Visualization & Graphic Design


Deco-Studios is an animation, 3D visualization and graphic design services firm. The goal of our studio is to provide communication that is both clear and concise through computer generated visualization and animation. Our company’s fusion of digital artistry, graphic design, animation and project management is the key to delivering successful 3D solutions that are powerful, fresh and effective. Our animated recreations can be seen in the areas of architecture, training, medicine, law and interior design. All of our 3D animations and visualizations show projects in context, increase audience information retention, provide realistic expectations and stimulate the visual narative for our clients.


The advantages of 3D computer generated animation and visualization are many. Unlike a traditional artwork made on a canvass a 3D animation or visualization can show the project from different angles, place the project in context and clearly show its functional advantages and characteristics. The resources in 3D animation and visualization are better than ever, what was once only possible a few short years ago from the most exotic production studios is now possible for many.


We have worked with clients locally, nationally and internationally. Contact us today for a free consultation.