Let the Animator Tell the Story


What questions can a 3D animator answer? How does a man standing in the middle of the street get hit by a bowling trophy? How do the great interior designers communicate their ideas of what the room will look like after the project is completed? How do you create a compelling training video on the safety procedures involved in energy isolation? Finally what is your new product, architectural vision or civil structure going to look like before it is completed? 3D visualization and animation is not just for entertainment and movies, they can deliver an experience that is not just visual but emotional as well. From recreations of the fall of Homeric Troy to a 3D architectural walkthrough, 3D animation and visualization create a presentation down to its smallest detail.


Deco-Studios is a leading animation and visualization studio located in Seattle, WA. Our services include 3D architectural visualization and animations, 3D industrial modeling and animation, 3D product modeling and animation, 3D animated accident recreations, digital 3D art and graphic design, 3D interior design visualizations and animation, 3D character animation and animated 3D walkthroughs.


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