3D Animation & Rendering Budgeting & Pricing


At Deco-Studios, we feel that the best way of pricing a project is to do it on a per scene basis. This is a much more accurate methodology than by charging for each separate rendering or per second of animation. To you the buyer this means this means that you don’t have to worry about the pace of your animation moving too quickly or about requesting more angles of your rendering. Some of the factors in pricing your rendering or animation include the complexity of the modeling, the complexity of the animated components and the special effects.


To price your project we need some plans or sketches of what you would like to see illustrated or animated. It is also important to have an idea of what you would like animated or rendered. If you order an animation, all the still renderings are provided free of charge. Prices for animations and renderings can often be worked out over the phone.


Architectural Animation & Renderings


Assuming renderings or animations are needed for both the interior and the exterior we would need either plans or rough sketches of:

The exterior of the dwelling.
A site plan.
A plan of the lobby.
Plans for each individual interior.