3D Medical Animation

3D Medical Animation & Visualization


3D medical animations and visualizations created by Deco-Studios, an animation and digital art studio; provide solutions for what the camera cannot capture. Some of the animated and visual solutions Deco-Studios offers the medical communities are:


3D medical animations and renderings for patient education.
Animated 3D simulators for training.
Information system animations.
3D animated multimedia modules.
3D animations and reconstructions of diagnostic scans.


Why a 3D Medical Animation Studio


The average person watches over four and half hours of television a day while almost 18 percent of the United States speaks a language other than English in their home. A 3D medical animation or simulation delivers a message that is quick, clear and entertaining. Whether you are developing a presentation or a sales pitch, 3D animated simulations and special effects bring stunning results that are educational as well.

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