3D Industrial Training with Animation & Renderings


Why a 3D animation or visual graphic for training your employees? Whether it be a factory atmosphere, a retail chain or an everyday office, there are greater numbers of machinery and components in the work atmosphere than there are workers who operate them; and so the training of hires along with the cross training of current workforce can be extremely time consuming. A 3D industrial animation can train new employees without removing current employees from their task. At the same time, it has been proven that visauls like those found in a 3D animation or rendering exponentially improve audience retention over naratives alone. Employers can present training from the comfort of a computer workstation or through DVD.


Better Employees through 3D Training Animation


The more informed an employee, the safer and more productive that employee will be. A well executed 3D training animation lets employees comprehend the internal mechanisms of a component and how it interacts with different parts in a vivid way. An animation provides a strong understanding of the function of the work environment for greater safety and efficiency.


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